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Thank You for Visiting Mystic Swan Fantasy Jewelry
I Hope You Enjoyed Browsing Through the Faeries, Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns and More As The Appear in the Form of Necklaces, Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, 
Earrings and Cuffs

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Fantasy Jewelry Featuring Mystical Themes As Wearable Sculpture

Inspired Designs, Expertly Crafted,
Jewelry Created by Sharon K. Berkan-Dent


Using the lost-wax casting process Mystic Swan jewelry creations feature original designs,
high quality and precise detail. Fantasy and Renaissance themes feature faeries, dragons,
mermaids, unicorns, Pegasus and more.

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The creation of fantasy jewelry is my passion and can help the simplest outfit make a statement. It is an expression of self and human’s creative nature. If you are in search of beautiful and unusual pieces of jewelry, you will be looking for pieces that are handcrafted and made from the finest materials. Buying handmade jewelry is great because you will be able to see the passion and creativity that has gone into making of each piece of my fantasy jewelry. If you are looking for original sterling silver jewelry designs, you have come to the right place. The guarantee I give my customers is that I have dedicated my career of making fine, handcrafted art jewelry that you will not be able to find in the stores.

Here at Mystic Swan, I pride myself on creating timeless pieces of handcrafted fantasy jewelry. Each piece of jewelry in my collection is my own concept and design, I have spent hours sculpting the wax, casting it in sterling silver and finishing to create a one-of-a-kind and unique piece – a mystical theme that is wearable sculpture. From necklaces to pendants, rings and bracelets, earrings and cuffs, even the occasional belt buckle, I have been able to stock my jewelry selections with a wide variety of handcrafted fantasy jewelry. I create a wide selection of fantasy jewelry including unicorn jewelryfaerie jewelry, dragon jewelry, Woodland and Renaissance jewelry, mermaid jewelry, a collection featuring Pegasus as well as other mystical beings. For many years, I've had the pleasure of making unique and attractive jewelry creations that will catch every onlooker’s eye. 

Please feel free to browse through my collections. I welcome your questions, thoughts and comments on my fantasy jewelry lines, woodland and Renaissance jewelry. My guarantee to you is that every piece of jewelry I have is handcrafted. My customer’s satisfaction is highest on my priority list. With each and every order I receive, it gives me a drive to keep working and creating.


You can also view much of my fantasy jewelry in my Etsy Shop



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